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Horse Hair Salon APK

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  • Updated: November 05, 2019
  • Android: 4.0+
  • Installs: 2,557,537
  • Developer: bmapps>Developer :bmapps
  • What's New:

    I was introduced by bmapps developer, Horse Hair Salon is a Entertainment app on the Android platform. The current version released on November 05, 2019. This app has over 2.6 million downloads .you can check the details below.Greet your latest client in this Horse hair caring salon game in which you will be taking good care of all the horses that come and go. Once you have the pretty animal in front of you, it is time to choose what to do with her mane because it is all tangled up and filled with dirt. Get your shower and start wetting her hair in order to soften it and get it ready for some serious washing.

    Add some shampoo to her mane and then grab a sponge with which you will gently massage the back of her neck. The little horse will surely love this step as it is quite relaxing for both her and yourself. Now that she is all scrubbed up, you can take the shower again and rinse it off before you can blow dry it. Soon it will start to look like her mane is already shaping up, but you are not done yet.

    Now comes the styling part of the horse caring game as you will have to use a hair straightener on the horsey in order to get her hair ready for the next step, which will be braiding it. Follow the arrows that will direct your hand gestures and this way you will make her mane look amazing with just a few twists and turns. Once the hair styling processes are all done, then you can enjoy a little game of horse dress up where you can choose some awesome customization items.

    Once arrived at the dress up station, you can begin to add a new saddle, maybe some ankle ornaments and also some cute jewelry to make the horse feel posh and royal. Soon you will have an awesome horse standing in front of you with all the prettiest customization parts on her and she will love to take a few photos with you by now.

    Enjoy the beautiful characteristics that this app has to offer:
    -Immersive gameplay
    -Plenty of processes in each part of the game
    -Hair styling and dress up blended together
    -Amazing graphics
    -Interactive steps in every part of the game
    -Gorgeous customization options
    -Great soundtrack
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