Microsoft Excel: View, Edit, & Create Spreadsheets APK

  • Latest Version: v16.0.12325.20174
  • Updated: December 30, 2019
  • Android: 6.0+
  • Installs: 1,083,502,248
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Description:
    The Excel spreadsheet app lets you create, view, edit, and share your files with others quickly and easily. Manage data analyses, charts, budgets and more while you view and edit workbooks attached to email messages.

    Work in accounting, data analysis, auditing, finance, or any other fields with confidence. Your data and office move with you when you use Excel, enabling you to implement complex formulas with amazing features. Make charts for accounting and budget trackers, run data analysis and annotate your documents from your phone at any time.

    Create formulas and spreadsheets, review your charts or start a budget on the go. Create data files and spreadsheets customized your way with robust formatting tools and great features. Excel lets you build your charts and spreadsheets to meet your specific needs.

    Get data analysis, spreadsheets and business features of Microsoft Office on your phone with Microsoft Excel.

    Microsoft Excel Features:

    Spreadsheets & Calculations
    • Manage charts, budgets, task lists, accounting, or financial analysis with Excel's modern templates.
    • Use data analysis tools and familiar formulas to run calculations.
    • Rich Office features and formatting options make your workbook easier to read and use.
    • All charts and spreadsheet features, formats, and formulas operate the same way, no matter the device you use.

    Data Analysis
    • Annotate, edit and insert charts to bring your data to life.
    • Data analysis features like add and edit chart labels to highlight key insights.

    Review and Edit
    • Review your Excel files from any device.
    • Edit documents, charts and data or update your task list from anywhere.
    • Data analysis features like sort and filter columns to focus your review.
    • Create spreadsheets, duplicate, hide, and unhide easily.
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