The Destructibles 💣 APK

  • Latest Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: April 04, 2019
  • Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 37,407
  • Developer: 1555 Games
  • What's New:
    ? Two new worlds to conquer in Frosty Caverns and The Dutchlands
    ? Choose your weapon every turn giving you total control
    ? A new wall bounce feature has been added to keep all shots in play
    ? Level targets now reset once the board has been cleared
    ? Wind effects are now mirrored for each player creating a more balanced experience
    ? Weapon info button during a match gives you details on how each one works
    ? New loading screens offering pro tips on how to become a superstarYou may also like these

    I was introduced by 1555 Games developer, The Destructibles 💣 is a Action game on the android platform. the current version is Varies with device released on April 04, 2019. this game has over 37.4 thousand downloads .you can check the details below.Play the #1🥇Turn-Based PVP Battle Game on Google Play!
    Build a team from 10+ "Destructibles" to Aim, Shoot & Destroy!

    ✔️Collect 10+ Unique Characters to Shoot!
    ✔️Use Strategy to Outwit your Opponent
    ✔️Upgrade your Characters for more damage

    🎯 AIM, SHOOT & WIN! 🎯
    ✔️Drag, Aim & Release your "Destructibles"
    ✔️Destroy targets for points!
    ✔️Rack up big combos for huge scores!

    ✔️Compete against players from around the world!
    ✔️Battle it out in the weekly league challenge!
    ✔️Try your hand in the Lucky Launch event!

    Play the #1 🥇 Turn-based PVP Game on Google Play 💯

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