Trignometry Basic APK

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  • Updated: December 22, 2016
  • Android: 2.3.3+
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  • Developer: ovdss
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    This app is Specially design for student who can think the trigonometry solution is a difficult task .In this app we add many short trick to learn .
    Specially trick to develop your own angle table ,which is very helpful to learn angle value such as sin,cos,tan .
    There is more to trigonometry than just sines and cosines. It can help when you need to build certain things or when you need to calculate certain distances. Learn about the usefulness of trigonometry and how triangles and circles are tied together. What Is Trigonometry? Trigonometry can be defined as the calculation part of geometry. Trigonometry is where you apply your knowledge of triangles from geometry and use the resulting formulas to help you solve problems. Many math symbols come from the Greek language and, not surprisingly, the word trigonometry also has its roots in that language. The first part of the word trigon is Greek for 'triangle.' The second part comes from the Greek word metron for 'measure.' Trigonometry has a lot to do with triangles. Sines, cosines, and tangents all come from the measuring of the lowly triangle. Trigonometry and Triangles Not just any triangle will do for trigonometry, though. It has to be a right triangle where one of the angles is a 90 degree angle. What's so special about the right triangle, you say? Well, just looking at it, we see that a right triangle has names for all three sides. But, whoa, hold your horses. The names don't always remain the same! The hypotenuse is always the side across from the right angle; however, the other two sides switch depending on which angle you are referring to. You see, the adjacent side, as the name suggests, is always next to the angle. In this app we app trigonometry calculater. which can calculate angle value in Degree and Radian
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