Muvi Onyx APK

  • Latest Version: v3.2.0
  • Updated: January 08, 2020
  • Android: 5.0+
  • Installs:
  • Developer: Muvi LLC
  • Description:
    With Muvi Onyx, you can catch an INSTANT preview of the look and feel of your Android app just like an end-user! Our patent-pending service delivers a near-deployment quality working preview of your native mobile app. In fact, you can stream both audio and videos while previewing! So, before deciding to actually purchase your app, you can test out the entire system on Muvi Onyx by just logging in with your active credentials. Stream audio/video content - Muvi Onyx is more than just a ‘preview’ app in more ways than one. The fully-functional app not only allows you to preview your app but also stream your audio/video content! Isn’t that amazing? You can playback all your content in real time and test the streaming quality on Muvi Onyx with ease.
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