Ring Design Ideas 2018 APK

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  • Updated: November 02, 2017
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    Understanding the ring can be interpreted many meanings of the ring is a jewelry contained on the hands are often used in the position of the hand finger of the right hand or left hand there is also another part. The use of the ring is used only accessories decorations on the hands to be more beautiful and may be authoritative but there are also used other things such as engagement rings and marriage as an inner bond and wedding ring as an official bonding and the use of the ring is a tradition since time immemorial usually before holding a marriage / a legitimate marriage always begins with a ring exchange giving the ring to the prospective male and ring for the female candidate. The rings provided by various kinds of shapes there are cicin which is given their respective names and rings that are marked ornaments and traditions exchange rings from generation to generation and no one knows when the traditions of the exchange of the ring began and what the meaning of the exchange of rings is said to be a sign of a binder or a sign that an engagement has been established.

    The use of the first Egyptian rings and can be known from hieroglyphs is found on the sign of the wall and the writing of the picture at the time. And the ring symbolizes of an eternal marriage and some mean the ring of circular emblems is a symbol of the unity of marriage and there are also some people who think and strongly believe that the wedding ring symbolizes the eternity of life.
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